We will get you squared away with any and all paperwork necessary for each project. We believe in documentation and transparency and will assist you with permits, inspections, and more.



Our services are not limited to architectural construction and design.  We also help secure and manage property inspection services as well as handle paperwork, filings,  and necessary documentation.

When you’re dealing with gas lines, electricity, plumbing, load-bearing walls, and structural design – you also dealing with the paperwork that goes with it. There’s compiance, permits, documentations, inspections and many more steps that you may not be thinking about or even aware of… we’ve been doing this since 2001 and we know Colorado compliance requirements. You’re in good hands with us, we’ll be sure to take care of all required filings and paperwork and even alert you to requirements that you need to be aware of on your side, so that your project goes smoothly with little or no setbacks.

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We have roots that run deep in the community and long standing relationships with not only architects and engineers, but also with building owners, municipalities and many banking institutions and their third-party inspectors.

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We handle all of the orchestration of your project. This includes securing and managing contractors, materials, permits, inspections, and more while keeping all costs within budget and deliverables on time.



We have completed immensely heavy projects, like a 1,100 pound art-install, but often times beauty is in the details like light fixtures and overhangs; both of which are only possible with a solidly-engineered space.



Your passion for your vision is a perfect pairing for our passion for design. We love to inspire, create, and engage.

What makes a best new restaurant? It takes more than just a plate of good food. There’s consistency to take into account, and the waitstaff and the ambience too, but mostly it’s that spirited vibe when an eatery fires on all cylinders.

Amanda M. Faison, Best New Eats Magazine

Amory Narvaes looks towards Frasca’s kitchen and laughs, realizing the design process has come full-circle. The chefs are designing meals within the design he and architect Sarah Brown created for the Boulder, Colorado restaurant…. Redesigning and expanding a James Beard award-winning restaurant isn’t easy…

Jenny Seyfried, Design Bureau Magazine

The ingenuity of the American immigrant, Western expansion, and the Transcontinental Railroad are all inspirations embodied in the Lower 48 Kitchen, a restaurant near Coors Field in downtown Denver designed and constructed by Narvaes Western.

Brendan Dabkowski, Design Bureau Magazine

For the best seat in the house at Vita: Request one of the sexy, loungy booths that’s made for cocktail sipping and canoodling. Or, on a nice night, the rooftop patio.

Chef Max Mackissock, Quoted in 5280 Magazine