We are a team of experienced, professional planners and designers specializing in a wide range of commercial, office, restaurant, hospitality, industrial and public sector projects.

Founded in 2001

In the decades since our inception, we have completed projects that inspire, define, and engage. We have been the choice of award-winning restaurants, niche retailers, and companies that are looking for a way to bring the vision of their brand to become a reality.

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With us, you will be guided through every step of the process – from concept to acquiring permits. Many of our clients have most, but not all of the pieces required to complete a project. Meaning, some clients know exactly what they want, but are unfamiliar with all of the paperwork and process that goes into making their dream a reality. In other cases, clients have “been there, done that” and know every part of the practical aspect, but need help with the creative and innovative aspects. At Narvaes, we handle everything – from the creative to the practical.

While each project is 100% unique, there are two common threads through every engagement – timelines and budget. We respect that and work with our clients to ensure that every solution we propose will work with your schedule and pocketbook. Our goal is to produce the highest-quality product possible, within the required time period and cost parameters.


We aim to provide the highest quality finished product while providing full and honest disclosure to all our clients.


Our guiding principles are Truth, Integrity, Performance and Quality Workmanship.

Your brand is unique. That’s why we invest the time to work with you and spend time with you to fully understand you and your brand. To create a unique space that accurately reflects you… the only way to achieve this is to know you.

For example, when renovating Frasca, we had a vision of clean and contemporary, but with eclectic pieces to give it a comfortable feel. So we added beams and custom chandeliers to pull the scale of their very high ceilings down. And used reclaimed walnut from old train cars for the flooring.

When concepting for Lower 48 we had to capture the feel of Western expansion and the Transcontinental Railroad. As a result, the centerpiece of the Centennial Dining Room came to life via a 1,100-pound railroad-art setup that epitomizes the ruggedness of the inspired design concept.

By truly getting to know you and your brand, we ensure the delivery of a vision that will be unique, on point, and inspiring.



Whether it is sketches on napkins or taking a walk around in a prospective new space – we can provide our feedback and initial thoughts to add value and help get the ball rolling.



Your passion for your vision is a perfect pairing for our passion for design. We love to inspire, create, and engage.



We have completed immensely heavy projects, like a 1,100 pound art-install, but often times beauty is in the details like light fixtures and overhangs; both of which are only possible with a solidly-engineered space.


From our pricing, to billing & changes, our clients are provided with documentation from start to finish.

Rest assured that you will be an integral part of the entire process. All of our clients are required to provide formal approval on all costs, timelines, and key aspects of the project. We define everything clearly, we provide all of the proper documentation needed as we progress, and we work with all parties to receive closure on any permits or filings required.

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